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Planning Webinars

The planning team at Ridge is delighted

that the recent virtual 'Planning Matters

Seminars' have been a success, Paul Fong

has now hosted two seminars, watch

online using the links below:

n Para 79 dwellings

n Changes to the Patterns of

Development Post Covid-19

Exercise for Victory

Over 200 of our employees came together

on VE Day and raised over £15,000 for the

University of Oxford supporting their timecritical research to deliver a vaccine in the

fight against COVID-19.

New Fellows!

Congratulations to Richard Hand, Partner

now a fellow of CIH, and Rosie Camburn,

Associate now a fellow of FIStructE

Cycling and Walking Initiatives - we can help!

Our fully integrated team of Project & Programme managers are

working with Stockport Council to deliver part of the new cityregion wide Bee Network which will consist of more than


miles of routes making it the largest joined-up walking and cycling

infrastructure in the UK.... Read more

View our latest awards

Company News

An award winning 2020!

Keep up to date on our website - link below


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